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Shiny Happiny is a RIP-OFF!

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The Shiny Flower Crown Happiny & Shiny Rufflet in Pokémon GO’s Egg Hatching Easter Event are NOT worth your money, I’ve hatched 90+ 2KM Eggs and the Hatch/Shiny Rates in Pokémon GO are awful…

Pokémon GO Easter Event Impressions Topics:
0:00 Intro & Important Info
1:21 Mega Lopunny Released & Evolution
2:29 Best Mega Lopunny Raid Counters
3:15 Easter Event Breakdown
5:13 Do NOT Waste Your $$$ on Shiny Happiny!
7:48 The Rufflet Situation & Niantic Feedback
8:36 Easter Event Spawns Breakdown
12:32 Closing Words & Referral Code

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