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Boom Beach – ONLY Grenadier Gameplay Attack Strategy! “The Grenadier Awakens” UPDATE!

In this Boom Beach video we check out the Grenadier attack strategy by ONLY using Grenadiers! We attack player bases and see how well we do!
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“The Grenadier Awakens” New Boom Beach update In-Depth Full Review!


Grenadier + Riflemen

Grenadier + Heavy

Grenadier + Zooka

Grenadier + Warrior

Grenadier + Tank

Grenadier + Medic

Only Grenadier


Full credit for the use of music goes to their respective artists or sources with permission:

off/chopped. – million miles (Virtual Riot Remix)

OC ReMix #2064: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ‘Chemixtrixx’
[Chemical Plant Zone] by PrototypeRaptor

Virtual Riot – Energy Drink

Ahrix – Nova [NCS Release]



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